Paid Ads

We at KFA Marketing run paid ads on Youtube and Facebook for our clients to start booking high ticket clients or customers on their calendars. Booking 20 - 53 per month qualified appointments with potential clients in the span of 90 days or less.

Organic Traffic

One of our sources of generating high tickets client is through traffic. We at KFA Marketing service our clients by booking qualified appointments through LinkedIn organic search and Email outreach for which we have systems in place.

Sales Teams

We help Business Owners and companies build Sales teams with our Three-step process to bring A-players on their team to close those high ticket clients that we generate for them.

Why Work With Us?

We have clients booked more appointments than we guaranteed them and reached their goal through Our Syster with Preditable Acquisition Channel. A strategy is created on Day One to produce leads at very first day. If you want to Book 20 – 53 Highly Qualified Apointment for your Sale team, them book a Call Now!!!

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